5.4 To-Do List

So much new stuff to explore in 5.4. This post is more of a “collect thoughts and get organized” post than anything fun or informative, but I will be revisiting this post to cross off completed goals as I do them.

New Stuff I want to do:

Pet Battles

  • Celestial Tournament
  • Collect New Pets
  • Get Crazy Cat Lady title

Proving Grounds

  • Proving Grounds: DPS (all levels +title)
  • Proving Grounds: Tank (all levels + title)
  • Proving Grounds: Healer (all levels +title)


  • New Recipes
  • New Pets

Siege of Orgrimmar

I just want to see it, Flex, Normal, LFR, I don”t much care. I’m just interested in seeing how the lore plays out. Well, and naturally I’m looking forward to giving Hellscream the butt-kicking he’s been asking for. I guess I’m just a people-pleaser at heart. šŸ˜‰

Old Stuff I still need to do:

Gearing Up Alts

  • Fill in holes in raiding toons’ gear
  • Take advantage of the new JP, VP, and Timeless Isle drops to gear up some alts
  • Run LFR in new specs/roles when time allows

Brawler’s Guild

I got to rank 7 on Horde, before switching back to Alliance. *sigh* I hate redoing the same work.

  • Get to Rank 8 and beyond
  • See new bosses (including challenge card bosses)
  • Get Title
  • Get Mount


  • Get achievements
  • Get mounts
  • Learn to Solo? One can only hope.

Challenge Modes

I have yet to get to attempt any of these so I still need:

  • All achievement levels for all 9 dungeons
  • All 3 mounts

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