Weekend Updates

I had a nice weekend thanks, in large part, to Askevar over at You Yank It, You Tank It. She invited me to tag along on some retro raid achievement runs and some heroic scenarios and I had a blast (I think she did too). Her guildies seemed pretty nice and if anybody noticed that I had no clue what I was doing on any of the fights (first time doing pretty much everything we did together) nobody mentioned it.

New Update:

I had a pretty good run of luck in LFR. I picked up a new staff for my dps set, a new trinket for my healing set, and a nice belt that will work for either set. That brings my healy set up to 498 (from 493) and my dps set up to 492 (from 483), so things are looking up on that front. As soon as the patch drops I can spend some of my justice and valor to fill in some holes in my set and that’ll jump up a bit more (still packing a blue 450 ring, because Curse You, RNG!!!).


2 thoughts on “Weekend Updates

  1. We were glad to have you 🙂 It was fun! I hope we gave decent explanations for the fights… Ven [Amberle in the raid] is usually pretty good about that. But you did just fine. I don’t think anyone knew you hadn’t been there before

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