Still More Updates

Not  much to share so far this week.

  • I’m still plugging away at pets, getting new rares and new 25s each day.  I just need Baby Ape and Snowy Owl to get my Zookeeper (why am I always late to the party? :P)
  • Got another toon to 90 on Tuesday. With my priest now capped, that makes 12 level 90s of 9 different classes. Still plugging away at that, too.
  • I managed to down Marrowgar (on 10N) solo on my mage while rep grinding. I know killing an ICC 10 boss at 90 isn’t the most impressive bit of soloing in the history of wow, but my mage isn’t exactly geared terribly well and I was proud of it anyway. The fight may be a joke on some other classes (I’ve soloed it easily on a shammy, warrior, and DK), but on my mage I worked for that kill. I didn’t think I’d ever actually do it, but I kept throwing myself at it, seeing if I could push myself just a bit further. It feels really great when you finally make the finish line.

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