I had a whole lot of free time this week and my sister and I got a ton of stuff accomplished.

Here’s what we did this week:

Our Family/Vanity Guild: Now level 17 and we’re greatly enjoying G-Mail (instant guild mail).

Our Alts: Her pally and my druid are now level 90. (You may recall that’s a reversal of our last pair – her druid and my pally.) That makes #7 for her (2 mages, 2 druids, 2 priests, 1pally). That makes 11 for me (2 hunters, 2 druids, 2 shaman, 1 DK, 1 pally, 1 mage, 1 rogue, 1 warrior)

Pets: I now have over 35 max-level pets and climbing. I’ve collected many more pets and replaced many non-rares with blues.

Mounts: Got my hands on a couple of mounts this week, including a pretty Onyx Cloud Serpent from the Shado-Pan. I now have the 150 mounts achievement and I’m still working on new ones (some drops, some grinds).

Reputation: I’ve topped off a few more and still have a few to go. I just got my 40 reputations achievement and the Exalted title. Now at 43 and climbing, hoping to finish off 60 and the Beloved title eventually.

Here’s what’s coming up (pairs):

We haven’t decided on our new pair project yet. Candidates include:

Level 40: (my) Brewmaster Monk / (her) Resto Shaman

Level 85: (my) Demo Warlock / (her) Combat Rogue

Level 83: (my) Blood DK / (her) BM Hunter

Level 80: (my) Prot Warrior / (her) Aff Warlock

I’m kind of torn on this one. Both the monk and the Warlock would work toward a class I don’t have maxed yet, so there’s that incentive. On the other hand, my max-level tanks are all on the horde server, so even though the DK and warrior would be repeats, they’d open up possibilities on this server. I’m looking to be able to solo/tank the Warbringers for mount chances and a DK would probably be my best chance at that.

Coming up (solo projects):

My priest is now 87 and climbing fast, so I’ll need a new solo project soon.

Possible Candidates:

81 Enh Shaman

67 UH DK

Or possibly a fresh toon. I’m thinking of leveling a dps monk and I have literally a ton of toons to level for our long-term project of getting Stay Classy for our vanity guild (no, seriously).

On Multiboxing:

I’ve been toying with the idea of multiboxing ever since I got two accounts. I’m making headway with it and can do simple things, but I haven’t got it working the way I’d want. I’m reading up as I can, but I fear there is a crap-ton of research and experimentation ahead of me. For now, I can do simple follow and /assist to attack the same target, but I’d like to make it work more smoothly.  I’m looking into add-ons and macro tutorials for how to make the assist and follow more seamless. I’ve seen multiboxers in BGs that move and work as one. If I can get something approaching that, I’d really love to level a pair of my toons together with one or two of my sister’s.


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