I’m kind of in a holding pattern waiting on 5.4. The Horde server is officially retired, the Alliance server is piling up alts, and I can’t quite bring myself to get back on the gear treadmill to gear up those alts. So… what have I been doing with all my time?

Mostly farming rares and leveling pets. I’ve gotten quite a few of the daily quest trainers down well enough that I can kill them with 1-2 pets, leaving the remainder(s )to soak up massive XP for tagging along. When I say massive XP I mean 4K+ pet xp per battle. Or, to put it another way, my level 3 pet dinged all the way to 11 in one battle (and then up almost to 15 on the next). I was admittedly a little cold toward the pet battles at first but they’re strangely addicting.  I’ve filled in quite a lot of holes in my collection and now have 410 unique pets. I somehow have 147 left to go. Even excluding pets I can’t get (regional lockouts, limited-time events  that passed before I started, etc.), there are still a ton more pets than I have spaces for, and it’s kind of annoying.

I’m slowly weeding out non-blues by capturing what I can and also by upgrading when I get lucky with battle-stones. I’ve had decent luck with those so far, but for now I’m still prioritizing those that are always green (like certain vendor/holiday pets) over wild pets of any color. For now I’ll capture and level green ones as my minimal acceptable quality threshold. If I catch anything below green I’ll hang onto it and replace it when I get something better, but I don’t bother leveling it.

The PVP pet battles are both thrilling and annoying. On the one hand, facing a live opponent capable of thinking and reacting instead of just following a script is a whole new kind of challenge and it’s just as much fun in its own way. On the other hand, I often get queued into several consecutive matches with the exact same player (you can tell when they’ve named their pets with unique names instead of leaving them as default). While it’s fun to try to tweak your team and strategy to face and (hopefully) overcome the guy that just beat you, it’s more than a little tiresome when you keep getting thrown at the same guy whose pets simply overmatch your own (thanks to rarity, type, etc.). Challenge is one thing but  continually getting thrown at the guy whose combo just happens to be a perfect hard counter to your team is irritating as hell. Around about the 5th consecutive time of being paired with him and forfeiting on sight I decided we were literally the only two people in the queue and logged off.


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