What a Night

So my sister and I ended up locked out of what we wanted to do (level our monks) by an unforeseen set of circumstances. We were scrambling for a replacement activity and decided to try to find something to do on our own, so we both went to hit our solo projects (my paladin and her druid). When we signed on we noticed that we were within half a level of each other and decided, “screw it, they weren’t meant to be a pair, but we can wing it” and spent the night leveling together. We had a BLAST. We both dinged 90 in surprisingly quick order.

That now makes toon #10 (and class #8) at 90 for me. (My poor sister now has 6 level 90s but no 5-class  achievement because she’s got 2 each of mages, druids, and priests).

I now need only a priest, a monk, and a warlock to round out one of every class (and the warlock and priest are already 85). Should be fun.


One thought on “What a Night

  1. I just need a warrior and a rogue. Well and a mage too… I do have one leveled but it’s become my son’s and it’s no longer on my account.

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