Here We Go Again

We thought we had found a happy home in Devoted and for awhile things were working out great. Unfortunately, things changed. The members that used to make up the bulk of the guild slowly drifted away to other servers or other guilds.  As has always been the case, the Guild Masters were pretty inactive and not very take-charge even when they were around. We got new members to replace those who left, but at the end of the day, the core had changed. The guild was less active, less friendly, and more demanding. The Guild Chat channel went from being “hellos” and “congratulations” to being nothing but attention-whoring, gear bragging, and various “I’m a better player than you” pissing contests. We went from being valued core members of the raiding team to the people they only tell about the raid if they need an extra body. We, my sister especially, were becoming more and more uncomfortable in what was quickly becoming a toxic environment. Certainly not the worst one we had ever seen in a guild, but having been down that road before, we knew this was nothing that we wanted any part of.

Unsurprisingly, we packed up our heirlooms and left. We’re now back over on ThoBro, and working with a new guild called Knights of the Ghani. We already have one friend in there and the rest of the guild seems friendly enough. No one seems bent out of shape about progression, everyone seems at least semi-competent as a player, and nobody has gotten their panties in a twist that I’ve seen so far. So, here we go again, I hope things work out for the best this time. As someone who has now spent nearly 5 years roaming the dusty roads of Azeroth looking for a place to call home, I hope this is the one. I’d really like to put down some roots and settle in.


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