General Update


Still only 8 level 90s, but now only 2 of them are not yet LFR-ready (one on each server).

Still toying around with alts, but now waiting on 5.3 to knock 1/3 of the required XP off of those last few levels.

Pet Battles:

Despite my earlier misgivings I’m finding myself having fun with the pet battles in small doses, and have been working on them every now and then (they’re not a bad way to kill queue time).  My first set of pets are nearing 25, with most of them in the 19+ range.

I’ve been working on collecting a lot and have captured a lot of cool pets, but am still nowhere near the 400 pets achievement. I did manage to get Raiding With Leashes, though.

Other Random Projects:

I’ve been continuing to work on various other projects, such as Reps, Achievements, and Mounts and have made some headway in filling out the gaps in those.


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