Alt Update

I now have 8 level 90s, covering 7 classes.


Night Elf Hunter (BM / MM)

Human Mage (Fire / Frost)

Gnome Rogue (Assassin / Combat)

Waiting in the Wings: 5 more toons level 85+, 2 level 80-84


Orc Warrior (Prot / Fury)

Blood Elf Death Knight (Blood / Frost)

Goblin Shaman (Resto / Elemental)

Troll Druid (Balance / Resto)

Troll Hunter (BM / Surv)

Waiting in the Wings: 2 more toons level 85+, 1 more toon 80-84

Yes, some of them need some work on their gear, but only 3 of the 8 are not yet LFR ready. (By Comparison, 3 are able to queue for the ToT LFR.) I need to get back to gearing/ valor grinding more often than I do now, but I’ve been having so much fun with alts that I’ve been letting most of my LFR lockouts slide by.


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