A Tip for Altoholics

I said earlier that MoP is the least alt-friendly expansion thus far, and I stand by that statement. That may change later, but for now, WoW is no longer alt-friendly as it was in WotLK and Cata. By which I mean it is significantly harder to valor cap any one toon than it used to be to cap several toons. For example, I had no problems capping 8 toons per week in Cata with plenty of time to spare, whereas now in MoP I got my first toon to the weekly cap for the first time last week.

That being said, it is much easier to reach the weekly cap once you can do all 5 LFR raids. This nets you a relatively quick 450 points, which is a nice head-start to the week. Do 1 Random Heroic (80 points) and 1 random scenario (40 points) per day and you can cap at a relatively quick pace. I did only a few dailies (~45 points per day) and capped out in 3 days, but your could cap out quicker if you do more (I am so completely burned out on them it’s not even funny).

Once you have capped 1 toon, all of the rest of your toons *on the same server* get a buff that increases your valor gained from all sources by 50% for the rest of the week. What this means is that you get 135 points for your first LFR instead of 90, and so on. You even get 7.5 (the game tracks the halves) valor for each daily. (Please note that even though the reward screen still indicates the original amount – i.e. 40 for your first scenario – you do in fact receive the increased amount – i.e. 60 for the first scenario). This obviously makes it much easier to cap alts.

I capped this week on Thursday, and since I capped a toon before doing my alts all of them will be getting 1.5X valor for all raids, heroics, and dailies done on Thur, Fri, Sat, Sun, and Mon. Naturally, that adds up quickly. By finding time to do just one heroic and one scenario on each of those days in addition to my dailies, the alts will be able to cap, too.

So, to make a long story short, gear up one toon enough to get into all 5 raid finder instances and you’ll have a nice engine to cap your alts, too.


3 thoughts on “A Tip for Altoholics

  1. If you’re a daily quest type person you can get about 300 a day [more now with the Operation Shieldwall dailies]. So two days of that with the LFR should about do it.

    I’ve only done all the dailies a couple times when I needed to cap on a monday but any combo of that plus LFR and a scenario a day is excellent. And I don’t have to futz with heroics.

    There are really a lot of options in terms of capping valor.

  2. One trip through Pandaria’s grindfest has done what more than half-a-dozen (each) Flamebreakers and Crusaders couldn’t do. I really hate doing dailies. But yes, that is an option for anyone who can still stomach them.

  3. Yeah my best friend doesn’t like the dailies AT ALL. And they’re rougher for her as a dedicated healer [she has a ret spec, but never plays it so it’s faster for her to quest holy].

    I’ve got another friend who seems to alternate week to week based on what he feels like doing.

    To each their own 🙂

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