In Honor of Cracked…

I present to you…

The Most Nonsensical Argument You Never Knew Was Complete Crap

There have been all sorts of complaints about MoP thus far (and IMO, many of them have merit). Dailies feel required. Because you have to do them to unlock rep vendors, which is the only way to spend VP/JP. The Rep Grind Takes Too Long. Because spending 4-6 weeks on each toon doing dailies in order to unlock vendors seems like an eternity. This is the *least* Alt-Friendly expansion ever. Because gating everything behind rep makes doing the rep grind mandatory for every single toon.

Of course, none of this matters, because “[insert change here] is coming in 5.1” – and that, my friends, is the single dumbest argument to anything ever. Sure, it seems reasonable at first. It suggests that Blizzard is aware of the problem and is taking steps to fix it. Which is all well and good, to a point.

Except that not everything that makes the proposed change list – or even the PTR – makes it live. As Blizzard itself is fond of saying, the PTR is just a testing ground, there is no guarantee that anything that is on the PTR will actually make it to live, or what details will change between the PTR and Live servers.

Ok, sure, there’s that, but let’s set that aside and think for a moment about how…

The proposed changes don’t always fix – or even address – the underlying issue(s) people are complaining about. For example, granting double reputation to alts after the first character gets to revered with a faction addresses the issue that the rep grind takes too long, but doesn’t address the underlying cause – the fact that JP and VP vendors are gated behind reputation to start with. While it does make the grind shorter, it does nothing to change the fact that my VP and JP are still completely useless until the vendor is unlocked. The problem isn’t how long it takes to unlock the gate: it’s that the gate is locked at all.

Ok, but let’s pretend that all of the suggestions perfectly fix all of the problems and that all of the perfext solutions are enacted and all of this really will get fixed in 5.1, it’s still a stupid argument, because…
This is isn’t 5.1. No matter how much things will be fixed, no matter how great they will become in the future, no matter whether that future is guaranteed or simply implied, none of that matters, because 5.1 hasn’t dropped yet. To put it in simple terms, the argument everyone is having on the forums is this:

Frank: This game sucks because [list of reasons why].

Jim: No, it doesn’t, because it’ll suck less in 5.1.

Frank: /facepalm

And this brings us to why Jim is a moron and he’s spouting nonsensical crap in the guise of common sense. You see, the thing that Jim is overlooking is that Frank can’t play 5.1 until it drops. That is to say, the game sucks now, and will continue to do so until the proposed changes are made, and possibly even after. The fact that the game might some day cease to suck is not a valid argument for why the game doesn’t suck NOW. So, seriously, all you “Jim”s out there, can the “5.1 is coming” garbage; you don’t even know how stupid you sound.


One thought on “In Honor of Cracked…

  1. There’s also no telling when 5.1 will drop anyway. It could be next week, it could be next month or 4-6 months from now… I mean there’s really no way to know for sure.

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