Wait, what is… I don’t even…

The vast majority of the arguments coming from Blizz and their fanboys about why the people who don’t like the new system are just whining is based upon a seriously flawed premise. I’ll illustrate…

Bob and Joe are two players that want to earn Valor rewards.

Bob plays 7 hours per week:  1 hour each day. He always does his dailies each day, therefore Bob works hard for his gear, and obviously deserves it.

Joe plays 10 hours per week: 5 hours per day on Saturday and Sunday. He wants an alternative to dailies that don’t require him to log in every single day, therefore Joe is a lazy whiner for expecting the same rewards as Bob. Clearly Joe just wants handouts and isn’t willing to work for his rewards. He should just quit the game, and he completely deserves it when Blizzard employees troll him in his thread.

I’m sorry, but I’ve tried really, really hard, and I simply cannot wrap my head around how the new system is any fairer than the old system. I can’t unsee the holes in the logic of this premise. I don’t get how *when* Joe puts in the effort is any more important – or more deserving of a reward –  than *that* he puts in the effort.  As you can see, under the new system, Joe can put in *more* effort than Bob, and he is still viewed as “asking for handouts” because his schedule doesn’t meet some arbitrary guideline. I don’t see how the current “do 15 quests per day for 7 days” system is in any way more desirable than a “do 105 quests at some point this week” system. And that’s without ever veering away from the “doing quests is the only way to get rep” system (which frankly sucks).


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