After becoming used to all the glorious 36-slot profession bags I acquired on Staghelm (by unlocking the Molten Front Vendors on my various crafters), I wanted them back on Thorium Brotherhood, too. Unfortunately, that meant grinding out the vendors on a 4th uh… 5th? Oh, hell,  I done lost count. 6th, I think. Point is, I’ve done ’em a few times. It would be so nice if they made those damn vendor patterns BoA or something.

Anyway, enough grousing, I finally unlocked the final pattern for my mage, and I now have the LW and tailoring patterns on ThoBro. So now Sal has some beautiful new 36-slot gem bags. I went from a single 24-slot JC bag to double 36ers, and boy does my bank look better for it. The sad thing is, it still didn’t quite fit all of the JC crap in my bank, but it was close enough that I couldn’t really justify a 3rd JC bag… at least not yet.

It’s astounding how happy a little bag space can make you. Now if only I could get some 36-slot leatherworking bags, we’d be in business. Seriously, Blizz, WTF is up with no LW bags since Wrath (and making them 4 slots smaller than the others, even at that)? I have 3 LW bags in my skinner’s bank on both servers, and in both cases, even swapping out the 28s for 36s wouldn’t hold all the stacks. Give use some joy. Please?


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