For the Record

Yeah, I’ve been seeing plenty of arguments in the forums, again. Mostly the same tired old crap between people who, through genuine stupidity or willful ignorance, always manage to misinterpret the words of others to mean something that they don’t mean (nor could possibly mean, because the meaning they infer is so obviously moronic).

So, for the record:

When someone says “dailies are required” what they actually mean is that “there are too few avenues to spend earned currency, and/or no viable alternatives to gear acquisition compared to the heavily-gated reputation grind. The other options (when they exist) are too time-consuming or unnecessarily inconvenient to view them as an equitable alternative. Running heroics is too inconsistent (RNG-based) to be viewed as a reliable method to gear up, and the gear it offers is vastly inferior to the gear gated behind the reputation grinds. Therefore, we would like a non-rep-based option to spend/use earned currency that is at least somewhat comparable to the reputation option.”

They do not in fact mean that there literally exists no other way to gain gear, nor do they mean that someone from Blizzard will shoot you in the head if you don’t do them (2 suggestions I have seen listed as possible “interpretations” of these complaints). So, to reiterate, having one method that takes significantly more time and/or effort than another (to the point that it would be silly to choose any option but the quickest and easiest) or one option that rewards significantly inferior rewards compared to another (i.e. gear that is 2-3+ tiers  behind the other option) negates the “option” aspect. That is to say, a choice between 1 mildly unpleasant option and 2 terrible options isn’t exactly a choice. Sort of like a parent telling a child that they can choose what they want for dinner: option 1) “eat what I made for you,” and option 2) ” eat nothing and go to bed without supper.” The “choice” exists only in semantics.

What these people want is an actual option: the ability to choose between 2 or more *equally viable* paths to reach the same goal. No amount of snarky comments, strawman arguments, ad hominem attacks, or reductio ad absurdum declarations is going to make that an unreasonable request. Kindly get over it and stop with the trolling.


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