The Strange New Face of Lowbie PVP

My sister and are wading back into the lowbie BGs after giving Blizzard a bit of time to hotfix their mistakes. Although I sort of miss the obscene overpoweredness of doing 700-800 damage (non-crit) on a single holy shock, I still do alright for myself. I’m insanely hard to kill, and I find myself doing funny things sometimes. It’s really great that I can keep 2, 3, or even 4 players occupied while they try, in vain, to kill me. In one instance, I had 3 players trying to kill me by the alliance berserker hut in WSG, and my sister (who had just picked up the ally flag) led the flag train up through their base and down the ramp to my rescue. Once united, the 4 of us killed the 3 of them easily. It just sometimes makes me wonder…. what is everyone doing in a BG like that???

I mean, why have 2-4 people piling on a healer that you’re never going to be able to crack? I personally love it when they do that, because if 4 of their 10 players are piling on me, the game is no longer 10 on 10. It’s now 6 on 9 in our favor. You get another healer pulling off similar shenanigans and it’s little wonder that a 3-man flag carrier group can run up and down the length of the field virtually unmolested. But, putting the shoe on the other foot, if you find yourself (and maybe a few friends) wailing away on a healer that just won’t die, consider that you may well be better off ignoring him and running off in search of your group. The way I see it, if I’m distracting more than one enemy player into focusing on me and not the battleground objectives, I’m doing my team a huge favor. Conversely, if several of us are being distracted by a single opponent, the team is disadvantaged.

Anyway, it seems weird that PVP has gone from short, burst-based fights that last maybe 5 seconds to minutes-long slugfests during which you have to line up your CDs perfectly to have any hopes of killing someone. Quite often, anyone we manage to kill has plenty of time to rez and run back before combat ends.


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