Things People Need to Stop Saying…

Yes, folks, there’s no arguing or denying it, Holy Shock is ridiculously overpowered. Broken. Not just a little broken. Stupid broken. I’ve seen dozens of threads about it on the Blizzard forums lately, and I’ve seen plenty of the exact same arguments repeated as if they meant something. So, here’s what you need to stop saying, because it really makes you sound stupid.

  1. As if rogues and hunters weren’t overpowered before this patch. Rogues and Hunters were out of whack before this patch, yes. But not nearly to the extent that healers in general, and holy pallies and disc priests in particular are imbalanced right now. Rogues were a very powerful class in PVP (and to some extent, still are), but not nearly as imbalanced as the common perception would have you believe. Likewise, hunters received CC and control/slowing abilities far earlier than most classes got similar abilities or counters to the hunter tools. However, neither of those classes was anywhere near unbeatable in a 1-0n-1 situation, much less with odds stacked in your favor. Disc priests and holy pallies are so retardedly OP in lowbie brackets that they can often handle the entire other enemy team. My sister and I were level 15 in the 15-19 bracket of AB as a disc priest and hunter. We held the gold mine against 5 enemies (several of them level 19) for over 3 minutes before reinforcements arrived and they managed to kill us. Even then it took 7 people using multiple CCs, and I was almost able to recover. Had it not been for the fact that *they also had a healer* the two of us would have held all 7 of them off easily.
  2. As if priests aren’t overpowered, too. Yes, they are, but that’s two problems, not zero. Additionally, the disc priest tools that are imbalanced are easier to handle than Holy Shock (which as an instant cannot be interrupted).  At current levels, all healers are overpowered. A bit less so after the blanket 25% PVP healing nerf, but still OP.
  3. It’ll balance out at 90. This may or may not be true, but is largely irrelevant. Even assuming that it is true, lower level content is a large portion of the game. Nobody gets to 90 without first passing through levels 1-89. You can’t just pretend they aren’t there because they are inconvenient for your argument. How many people do you suppose will test the waters in PVP at lower level, get one-shotted by a healer, and decide that PVP is something that is a fun and worthwhile investment of their time?
  4. The game is tuned for level 90. No, it isn’t. This is the one that makes me giggle the most. Our level 85 abilities are NOT tuned for level 90. They’re tuned for level 85.  Yes, as we level we will gain more health points. We will also gain more offensive and defensive power through level scaling, improved gear, and new abilities. None of that, however, changes the fact that a level 85 spell is scaled to level 85. A spell will always hit harder as you gain levels. It may or may not hit for similar percentages of a changing health pool, but that’s a completely separate argument.
  5. Low-level content doesn’t matter. As I stated above, lower level content is a large portion of the game. Perhaps not the largest part, and certainly not the most important part, but definitely a factor. PVP shouldn’t be thought of as a “level-cap only” event. Taking away the leveling experience, regardless of whether it is PVE or PVP is robbing a player of their chance to develop and hone skills that will be of great use at level cap. I am undeniably a better player on my rogue at 66 than I was at level 10. I have no doubt that I will be even better by the time I hit 90. All those hours of leveling up in “irrelevant” lowbie brackets are actually hours of practice. Trust me, having teammates who have practiced is a good thing.

2 thoughts on “Things People Need to Stop Saying…

  1. Level 15-19 was always the preserve of OP Hunters. The number of times I have been one-shot at that level by hunters is ridiculous. Now that other classes can also one-shot everything in sight is just more of the same really. As people are supposed to quickly pass through these BGs, I doubt they will be ‘fixed’ at all.

    The 75-79 pvp bracket was very broken the last time I went there. It’s not so much to do with classes, rather that the leap from Wrath hit points to Cata hit points available on gear from low level Cata instances and AH gear items has a massive infulence.
    I took a level 79 Paladin into AV months ago, and was astonished to see half a dozen enemy players with 40-50k hp trashing our whole raid group (with typically only 12-15k hit points). It was so bad that I gave up going there again.
    Now I did read on the forums that people were somehow cheating their way into normal BGs with twinked gear, so maybe this was the cause of the problem, but how can that possibly be a balanced battle?

    The only consolation is that in a random BG, you are just as likely to have OP classes on your side as the enemy does, and statistically it should all even out at the end. As for your final comment, I would love to go into a BG and know that my whole team has some idea of what to do there, rather than feeling most of the time they don’t have a clue, nor care anyway.

    • I have some good news on that front. There have been some nerfs that have addressed (even if not *solved*) the unkillable healer issue. Additionally, there have been some nerfs that have brought healer damage back down to earth a bit, so many brackets are back closer to the “balance” they were at before. I take solace, at least, in knowing that as powerful as rogues/hunters are offensively, they are fairly fragile defensively and I at least have a chance to kill them before they kill me.
      Additionally, the bug that allowed twinks to queue for xp-on battlegrounds has been fixed, so no more *actual* twinks. You’ll still have to deal with toons like mine, though. Meaning that, even though not a twink per se, they have heirlooms, good gear, and enchants. Nowhere near a true twink’s level of power, but definitely well-geared. Random quest greens would put you at a disadvantage.
      Unfortunately, the guys in Cata gear with 40K+ HP are also loaded with *throughput* stats from all those Cata greens. Meaning not only are they tough as nails, they also hit like a boxer on steroids. Again, not truly twinking, but those guys are well-geared. Don’t expect to stand a chance in random Lich King quest greens.
      Finally, yes, nothing is more frustrating than being at the mercy of a team that is so intent on derping at mid that less than half of the team is actually working on completing BG objectives. On the other hand, nothing is as sweet as finding that team that synergizes and just hands the other team its butt on a silver platter. Kind of makes you wish you could requeue together when you find a good team, doesn’t it?

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