ProTip: PVP Macro Spamming

1) The bug that allowed opposite-faction players to read emotes has been fixed for more than 3 years, now. Unless you are actually intending for your enemy to be spammed by “[Spammer] makes some strange gestures” then all you’re doing is being even more of a douche than emote spamming makes you in the first place.

2) You might want to wait until you’ve won the battle before you start spamming emotes. Unless your goal is to make your opponent pee his pants because he’s laughing so hard at the irony of a 2-on-1 team so busy spamming (what I can only assume are meant to be offensive) emotes at the enemy that he actually manages to kill them both. If that be the case, mission accomplished.

3) Emotes really have no place in BGs. College football coaching legend Bear Bryant put it best: “When you get into the endzone, act like you’ve been there before.” If you go into your endzone dance when you kill me I’m likely to think that it’s your first kill. I’m also likely to make sure you’re my next 3 kills. Or 5. Or maybe I’ll get mean about it. I assure you that nothing is so good for the soul as rubbing it in to somebody who beat you because of a mismatch and started spamming emotes as if skill had something to do with it.  If you outnumbered the enemy more than 2-1, if he had extremely low health because he just finished combat, etc. then killing him is no cause for celebration. You’re supposed to win when the odds are stacked in your favor.


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