PVP Update

Yes, my sister and I have been bitten by the PVP bug lately. We’ve rolled a priest (me)/hunter (her) combo and a double-rogue combo, and I’m solo-leveling a hunter via PVP now. All of the above are eating ungodly amounts of face in lowbie BGs. Which, you know, is to be expected.  We’re having a blast in BGs and our team seems to win more often than it loses (unless it’s AV). Mostly.

Unfortunately, even if you are in the average to above average range on skill, you are largely at the mercy of your team. Now, I don’t profess to be any great shakes at PVP, and I’m certainly no pro, but if it’s a 1-on-1 I very rarely lose. If it’s a 2-on-1, I may stand a chance, depending on the gear/skill of the 2. If it’s 3 on 1 I’ll lose more than I win, but I can usually take one or two people with me. So, yeah, OP classes and whatnot, but I feel I can hold my own.

Anyway, a few tips I’ve picked up for beginners to the whole PVP scene.

  • Fight at the Flag. It doesn’t matter which BG it is, organize your defense at the flag. The enemy HAS to come to the flag to claim it. In other words, you know where they will be. Take advantage of that. A common tactic is for part of the team to draw away the defense while a stealther sneaks behind the now-occupied defense to grab the flag. Don’t fall for it.
  • Peel for your healers. Healers can be a real tide-turner in BGs. If you’re fortunate enough to have one, don’t waste it. If somebody starts hitting on your healer, be a good wingman and intervene. Don’t get so tunnel-visioned on the frontal assault that you let your healer get stun-locked or focused by the rear attack. You keep the heals alive and they’ll return the favor.
  • Ignore the whiners and blowhards in BG chat. With very few exceptions those complaining the loudest about how fail everyone is and how much everyone else sucks can be found at the bottom of the leader board in every useful statistic. They’re griping because they’re frustrated and looking for somebody else to take the blame. Once again, don’t fall for it.
  • Call Incomings. In many battlegrounds you will be in a position to call out attacks to other bases (or your own), especially while on defense. Nothing helps out a defense like a nice heads-up. Be specific if possible. Tell them where the attack is headed, how many, and from where. For example: “4 inc BS GM-side” tells the defenders at the Blacksmith that they have 4 enemies coming from the gold mine side. If you’re a slow typer, think about getting an addon, some macros, or break it down into waves. “4 inc BS” is the most important part, “GM side” can come in a second line.
  • Call for Help. Don’t play the hero, and don’t be sore about being left on your own if you didn’t ask for help. Nobody will know you need help on D unless you call for it. On that note, call for help early and often. Even if you think you can handle the incoming party, announce that it’s coming. If you need help, call for it. If you’ve handled the threat, call all clear to free up defenders to move on to somewhere that actually needs the help. Try to resist the urge to wait to call for help until after you’ve died. Friendly players will need some travel time to come to your aid. If you call before the attack, they may have time to come to your rescue, or at least kill the enemy and reclaim the flag.
  • Listen and Learn. If you don’t know what you’re doing, ask. People are a lot more understanding than you’d think about new players. Most people would rather you ask and then do the right thing than to guess wrong and handicap the team. Each time I’ve gotten a new (unfamiliar) BG, I’ve asked, “what should I be doing in this BG” and I’ve received a load of helpful tips and missions appropriate for my class when I ask. I haven’t been called a noob or made fun of. No, really.



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