I’ve Finally Done It

I’d been toying with the idea of a second account for quite a long time. I had been hesitating for two reasons: one, the expense of purchasing all the expansions again, and two, the thought of becoming one of “those people.” You know the ones, the shifty-eyed slackers, hanging out in dark basements trying to get their wow fix. Well, I finally did it.

I was cruising the blue posts on the Blizzard forums, as I often do when I first wake up, and discovered from a player comment that Best Buy and GameStop are having a sale on the old WoW expansions. So I looked it up to verify that he was right and sure enough, they both had the Battlechest (Vanilla + Burning Crusade) for $5, Wrath of the Lich King for $5, and Cataclysm for $10 (give or take a few pennies). So my sister and I went out and scooped up a set for each of us at the bargain price of $20 each to get us the full shebang up to and including Cata.

We’re really excited. On the one hand, we’ve joined the great unwashed ranks of the WoW Addicts. On the other hand, we now had so much bank space! We now have two bank guilds with fantastic names (screenshots pending).

We now own “For the Hoard” to help us hoard all our crap, and “is Batman” led by fearless Guild Master Bruisewayne. I have to tell you, we’re pretty happy to have the room to store stuff; almost as happy as we are to have so many new toon slots, and since we RaFed each other, we’ll have those perks, too. Can I get a “woot woot”?


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