Us Two Against the World

My sister and I decided to hit the dungeon trail again, seeing what we could do. Our last night of attempts didn’t go so well. Try as we might we couldn’t clear AN at level 72, so we decided to level up a bit and try again. Tonight we quested a bit and when we finally hit 73, we decided “screw it, we both hate AN anyway” and headed to DTK by way of Grizzly Hills. We had some fun quests and good rewards in Grizzly Hills, but of course the most fun was Drak’Tharon Keep itself. Despite running the whole thing at 73 (we dinged 74 on the final staircase), we had very little trouble with the thing. We did wipe once, when some moron priest hit Holy Fire instead of Shackle Undead, pulling three of those DK-mobs on the staircase instead of the intended one. 30 seconds of chain-fear later, we were running back into the instance for round two.

Things went a little better the second time around.



We decided it would be best not to try out Gundrak or Violet Hold just yet, so we went back to questing and had an interesting night. My sister saw an Ulduar-style giant looking all out-of-place in Grizzly Hills so we killed that.

I think this is the first time I’ve seen this particular rare.



And we finally, finally unlocked the little Horde-only arena quest at Conquest Hold. So we rofl-stomped that quest chain, hitting 75 on the next-to-final round.

We do so love our little arena quests.



Next up on the agenda: Amphitheater of Anguish, skinning Sholozar Basin, and unlocking the arena chain in Icecrown. Maybe a few dungeons if need be. Hope you’re all having as much fun as we are.


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