Making Leveling Almost Like New Again

So my sister and I are leveling up another pair of toons.  Her 2nd hunter, my 2nd priest. At least a dozen and a half trips through Outland and Northrend between us. In other words, been there, done that. So, how to keep the leveling experience fresh and exciting? It can be hard, especially with the changes (*cough*NERFS*cough*) to the old content. We’ve been pulling insane groups (8-10 mobs) and yawning through the experience because pretty much the only thing that can cause a death in old content is a DC. In fact, with all the old group quests nerfed into solo crap, the only thing we really had left to look forward to in Outland was Ring of Blood.

So we ran it. And it was pretty fun. There was a tight moment here and there, but we spanked it pretty hard. It was fun going through and doing it “the right way” after so long of just afking while a level-capped toon does all the work. 2-manning it was way more fun, and completely doable. We’ll be doing it that way from now on, I think. So that finished off 65 for us, and gave us a good chunk of 66. But we need to hit 68 to move on to Northrend, so we quested a bit, but at the end of Nagrand, we still ended up about half a level short. So we figured, what the heck? Why not try to 2-man a dungeon or something. So we tried our hand at Slave Pens, and…

DING! Dungeon complete, level acquired. Mission Accomplished, and on to Northrend.

Where we faced the exact same problem as before. Bored with doing the same quests for the 20th time, we decided to try to spice things up a bit and see if we couldn’t 2-man some Northrend 5-mans, too.  We had originally intended to test the waters for 2-manning Nexus and UK when we hit 70, but we were once again a bit short of the ding and impatient to get started, so we figured that all our other ventures turned out well, why not try pushing the envelope again?

Admittedly, it was a bit rocky at first, definitely a little slow-going for us as we 2 (level 69s) worked our way through Nexus. It took some CC to do some pulls, and I had no water so we stood around waiting for mana a lot, but despite all that and an occasional death (usually mine, lol) we slowly but surely plugged our way through, hitting level 70 upon defeating Grand Magus Telestra. After hitting 70, though, it was a whole new ballgame. Even though I didn’t unlock any spells, talents, or gear, it did make a huge difference. Everything was yellow instead of orange, now. I could now drink the stacks of level 70 provisions (water, potions, elixirs, etc.) I had prepared. Things sped up a lot at that point. We still moved  at a measured pace – certainly slower than a 5-man group would have pulled the same dungeon, but we had a blast pushing ourselves to see if we could finish with just the 2 of us in a level-appropriate dungeon.

Which we totally did. And at the end of it all, we were both pretty shocked at how easy it was. After we hit 70 and got in the groove, the only thing that slowed us down was a DC.

Naturally, we were feeling pretty full of ourselves by this point, and still being sick to death of quests, we figured we may as well give Utgarde Keep a little love. Off we went and charged in headfirst. My sister and I were sharing tips and tricks back and forth and pushing each other to improve. As before, we had to use some CC, pull carefully, and get creative with terrain (line of sight pulls, etc.), but we worked our way through, methodically murdering everything in our paths. *cackles evilly*

Ahem. Sorry. Anyway, we once again found ourselves hot-footing it to the questgiver to get some sweet blue quest rewards.

So, yeah, that was our night. It was a ton of fun. Sure, we wiped here and there. Several bosses wiped us once while we figured out which mechanics we could ignore and which we could not (as it turns out, “always kill the adds” is a good rule of thumb :P). There was an occasional speed-bump as one or the other of us dusted off a spell that should have been on our bars but wasn’t (who needs more than 2 spells when grinding through old crap? lol). And yes, every once in awhile one of us just made a plain old bonehead mistake. It happens. At the end of it all, we were level 71, so even though questing may have been a bit faster than our dungeon crawls, we were still making progress. The important thing is that we had more fun tonight, pushing ourselves to see what we could do, than we had had in a long, long time. Have fun out there, guys, and don’t forget that no matter how many times you’ve seen the content, you can always make up your own fun by doing things a little differently. And who knows, maybe you’ll even teach yourself some tricks along the way.


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