Enough is Enough

I’ve always made an effort not to name and shame people for their retardedness in a videogame. Lately, though, I have reached the boiling point. I have no interest in embarrassing people because of poor gameplay, but I no longer see any reason to apply that same protection to sheer asshattery.


So, beginning the wall of shame is Unibrau – Rexxar, a retard hunter who felt that pulling 24K dps in 388 gear is something worth bragging about: so much so that he’s willing to call out people he is “carrying” by his very presence and then ninja-need on strength gear as his (and I quote) “fee.” Granted, my 10K isn’t fantastic, but it’s decent enough for a regular heroic in my greens and blues. So, fuck you very much Mr. Huntard.

Not to be outdone are Devotion – Drak-Thul, a tank with a terminal case of awareness issues, and Amberlyne – Tichondrius, who along with some third party member I didn’t get a chance to get the name of, vote-kicked me before I ever got a chance to enter the instance. When the queue popped, it wouldn’t let me port in, saying the instance was full. This was almost certainly the result of kicking someone who has disconnected. When you kick a DCed player, they log back in to find themselves in the zone, but not in the party, making the newly appointed group member unable to enter the instance. Anyway, the tank throws up a ready check and I say no, explaining the instance full error message. The tank then pulls anyway. The hunter points out that I wasn’t in the instance for the ensuing failfest, and I get kicked from the party. So after waiting over 10 minutes to get into the damn queue, I then have to wait another 12 minutes to wait out the dungeon finder cooldown, because Captain ADD can’t comprehend party chat. So again, fuck you very much Amberlyne, Devotion, and unknown third voter, for punishing me for your own damn impatience and incompetence.

There, having vented that I feel better. Besides, I had nothing better to do with my 12 minutes of waiting time.


2 thoughts on “Enough is Enough

  1. From the sound of things, you were much better off getting kicked from that last group before you could zone in. It probably saved you from an even worse experience.

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