Reconnecting with Old Toons

I’ve been spending some time on the old server lately, and I’ve really gotten back into the swing of things on the priest and paladin. I’ve also spent some more time on DKs lately, both with starting to gear up my big one and starting a new one back on TB to spend more time with the Tigers. It’s always fun to dust off an old alt. Feels a bit like going home again. Not only is it fun to try to stay current on all my alts, but I really think it makes me a better player, overall, by having so much cross-class experience to draw on. Seeing where similar abilities could be applied, or thinking of unusual ways to use your abilities to mimic another class’s ability is a useful tool to play creatively and pull off amazing spectacles of epic win. For example, not many people think of Disengage (hunter) and Blink (mage) as similar abilities, but the biggest difference is the direction you’re facing when you use it.


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