Some Guys Have All the (Bad) Luck

Imagine my surprise to see a blue post proclaiming the following.

We’ve sent the remaining 400,000 Annual Pass beta invites last night, which concludes the entirety of those who have signed up for the offer thus far.

I didn’t recall getting an e-mail from Blizz saying I’d been flagged for the beta, but I went ahead and logged into my BNet account, anyway. No surprise, I’m still not flagged. So I read on to discover…

Due to the large number of invites sent there are some that bounced back for various reasons, and we’ll be working to apply those invites over the next few days. If you haven’t received your invite yet it’s likely you’re one of the few affected by such an issue, and rest assured we’re working to get you into the beta as soon as possible.

Ah, of course. I am but one of a “few” people being screwed over. *sigh* Just… *sigh*


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