Having Fun with PUGs

So I was running a Well of Eternity in a PUG and the tank, for some reason, was tanking the adds way out in the boonies instead of next to the portal. I mean, like, way out there, past where you stop to fight the giant fire elemental. The result of this odd placement was that I could not be in range of both the tank and the party at the same time. Well, naturally Manoroth summoned the Infernals as he does, and the rogue died. So I rebirth him and we finish the fight. Normally, that would be the end of it and not much of a story, but the dude decides to get all whiny with me. He posts recount of his death, showing that he didn’t get any heals as he was meeting his death to the Infernals and then asks “WTF is that?” So I fire back, “looks to me like somebody was both OOR and doesn’t know how to Tricks or Vanish” and naturally his only defense is “Fuck you.” I literally LOLed. I don’t know what response he was hoping to get out of his vulgarity, but I’m thinking that probably wasn’t it. What I do know is that if you legitimately want information you need to ask in a less aggressive way, and if you’re going to attack the healer for your death you’d better hope that he doesn’t know your class better than you do.


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