My First Look at LFR and Loot Guilt

So I’ve been running the LFR and the more I go, the more I learn. For example, today I noticed for the first time that the queues are separated into wings (I had previously though the wing was selected randomly when you queue). Meaning I could have run more of them on my pally and priest on ThoBro. Oops.

Anyway, I’ve been having some pretty good luck with loot rolls, and I got my hands on a staff. The problem is, it’s not quite the upgrade I thought it was by my quick-and-dirty assessment before I had to choose whether to roll.  I’m wondering if there’s even any way to track down another roller and trade it to them at this point (now that we’ve both left the raid). Can we go back manually to the raid using the lockout ID and meet that way? Is it even possible though any method?

I can get the names from chat logs and I can roll a toon on their server to let them know to meet me, if it’s possible to meet somewhere. Is it even worth it? (I’m sure they’d think so.) Should I just write it off as a learning experience and let it go?


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