Dear PUG: A Love Note

To the PUG who kicked me last night after we wiped on Tyrande. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! After you booted me for being unable to carry you and your combined 4-person total of 36K dps (a third of which was the tank), I found a group with not one, but two dpsers who each were pulling more dps than the entire group you kicked me from. Not only were the mage and paladin in that group pulling 43K and 40K, respectively, but they were also polite, didn’t stand in the bad, and knew how to use interrupts. The fact that the mage made me food and gave me a leftover Flask of Battle from his raid was just a pleasant bonus. We finished two dungeons in just under 40 minutes, which I must assume is slightly faster than you finished your combat with Tyrande. I appreciate you saving me so much time and repair money.

Love and kisses,



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