So we finally convinced my ISP that there is a problem with the connection and that the problem isn’t our fault. While my sister is on the phone with them, the conversation unfolds something like this…

  • Sister: We just got off the phone with the router repairman you sent us to, they said it was probably a Line of Sight problem.
  • ISP: It can’t be a Line of Sight problem, your signal looks perfect, it’s…. oh, you’ve disconnected.
  • Sister: Yeah. That’s why we’re calling.
  • ISP: Our logs show your modem has disconnected over 600 times in the last 4 weeks.
  • Us: Sounds about right.
  • ISP: Ok, we’ll look into it and call you back.

It’s so exasperating that it took weeks of phone calls and runarounds to get to this point. We’ve been having the problem for some weeks, now, and we reported it to them. It seems like, had we not DCed while on the phone with him, he would never have bothered to check the activity logs. Why did it take that degree of luck and perseverance to fix such an obvious problem? Shouldn’t that be the first thing you check when somebody calls and reports random DCs  to you? In my book, saying “it’s probably your router” and brushing off the customer without ever checking any data on your end seems like a bad way to do business.


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