The Unbearable Suckiness of Being DCed

So lately my wow connection has gone from bad to worse. It worked like a dream when we first moved here, but after Blizz released 4.3.2, I started getting random DCs. And since they released the random hotfixes and tools updates to take us to 4.3.3 my connection has become so unstable that WoW is almost unplayable. I’ve tried pretty much every troubleshooting maneuver I can think of, but nothing seems to work. Anyone heard of similar problems or have some sort of unique fix I can attempt? This is getting crazy. If nothing changes soon, I’ll have to quit WoW. Thankfully, I have the annual pass, so that will just be a waste of hundreds of dollars. Yay. /sarcasm

Additionally, after a hard-fought dungeon, which featured 2 DCs during mannoroth, and another 2 during loot rolling (thankfully, no deaths – other than my own – during that mess, and my death was owing to the fact that the tank didn’t pick up the adds and I had already blown my emergency CDs saving DPSers from standing in fire), I win 2 items, The Foul Gift of the Demon Lord and the Pit-Lord’s Destroyer. Then loot greed reared its ugly head.

Despite that fact that I happily told the tank to roll against me on the Horned Band on the first boss (which she did) and that the tank also got the BOE drop for her healing offset on a Need roll, when it came time for me to collect my items on the last boss, the group decided to go all Main Spec > Offspec on me at the end.  The DK (in an almost complete set of PVP gear to game the ilvl requirement) goes absolutely apeshit and embarks on a whisper/party/trade window harassment campaign because he only has a blue and dps is his main spec. I inform him that I would also be replacing a blue, and that I need upgrades, too. While DPS isn’t my main spec, random 5-mans isn’t the place to be arguing MS vs OS, especially when your guildmate has taken 2 OS items on a need roll already in the dungeon.

Meanwhile, the mage declares that the Foul Gift is a DPS-only trinket. I must have been thrown off by the fact that the trinket procs off of healing spells, too. So clever of Blizzard to disguise a “DPS trinket” as an all-casters trinket by putting a healer’s best stat on it and then making the proc function for any spell, not just damaging spells. I stuck to my guns and kept the loot that I won, but I resent the fact that I was accused of shenanigans or made to feel guilty for winning two items according to the same loot rules we’d been following the entire dungeon.

I absolutely understand the desire to gear up your guild and help your friends. But the time and place for that is all-guild groups. You can’t call dibs on loot in a group of random people. It’s bad enough that they were all rolling need on anything they could (presumably to get extra bites at the apple and pass along items with the trade feature), but when you still lose with your stacked deck, you’re going to engage in a temper tantrum to try to guilt trip “your” loot away from the guy who won it? Bad form, guys. Seriously bad form.


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