Just had a fail PUG for the ages, guys. Well, not so much fail PUG as fail TANK.  I spent the entire instance spamming heals on an arrogant and ungrateful free-loader of a tank. This dude was seriously squishy, possibly owing to the fact that he had a bunch of blue and green crap gear and a bunch of 377 PVP gear to up his ilvl enough to queue. Half of his crap was dps gear, not tank gear, and nothing was gemmed, enchanted, or reforged. Now, I can forgive a little wiggle room in the gear department if you’re good at your class/role, but this guy lost agro a lot, left things beating on people for ages, and then got mouthy when he died. Now, granted, he died 4 times in the instance, and I know that sucks. I get it.

I also understand that I am a raid-geared healer and I pump out some ridiculous healing, especially compared to what should be necessary for this level of content. In each death scenario the tank went from full to dead in around 5 seconds and received, on average just over 300K healing in that 5 second window. I threw everything I had at him. Nature’s Swiftness + Healing Touch, 3X Lifebloom stack, and Rejuv + Swiftmend on CD, not to mention my troll and herb haste CDs, plus tranquility and treeform. Basically, when I ran out of CDs, he died. And to this the dude responds with “HEAL”.

I’ve taken to aggressively defending myself  against PUG meanness. I’ve taken enough abuse at the hands of unseen strangers. I’ve also taken to reporting the death panel info from recount to party chat, along with a snide summary when somebody accuses me of not healing. “Gee, looks like you received 604K healing in the 8.1 seconds before your death. Maybe the death wasn’t my fault?” Not only is this insanely satisfying, but it tends to put the other PUG members on your side in a hurry. Maybe it’s standing up for yourself, maybe it’s the cold hard numbers, either way, very rarely is it that somebody takes the tank’s side when things turn nasty. In this case, I also pointed out that I was able to keep the dps DK alive each time and the DK obligingly pointed out that nobody who can keep the dps up against agro is a fail healer. Finally, the squishy mofo swallowed his tongue and his pride, but the whole thing still ruffled my feathers. I mean, it’s  one thing to be so undergeared as to be unable to live up to your role and expect somebody else to pick up the slack. It’s quite another to be rude and impertinent while doing it.


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