Perserverance Pays Off

So I timidly queued up for the weekly HoT runs as a tank, owing mostly to the fact that I had already finished everyone else’s runs. Most of my runs went fine, one went somewhat poorly, because the healer was subpar, and the dps pretty much couldn’t get out of the bad. That’s always a bad combination. Anyway, I had a run for the ages that really did a lot for my confidence as a tank. It’s honestly the most fun I’ve had in a dungeon in quite some time, and I am shocked to report that I was tanking at the time.

We were doing the last boss of Well of Eternity and the healer died to the fire on the second  fel storm. Fortunately, the dps shaman switched gears to keeping me alive until the debilitators went down. And although we lost all the rest of the dps to fire, the two of us squeaked through. After the debilitators went down, I (as a warrior) became pretty much invulnerable because the little adds from the portal grant me an unlimited supply of Victory Rush procs. At that point, I grabbed the adds, the shammy dpsed the boss, and the 3 dead players showered us with adulation and disbelief. It was a really great moment for me and the shammy and I whispered each other congratulations and praise for being good enough to prevent the wipe. It was really great to hear things like “uber tank” and “I can’t believe we didn’t wipe.” It was a nice save and it was nice to find someone in a PUG that could just switch gears and pick up the slack in a bad situation like that.

There were a couple other good moments on the night, like one healer saying that he wished I would take more damage because he was bored and I confessing that I was glad he felt that way because I had been worried about my gear. The only real blemish on the night was the subpar run with the mediocre healer. He was quick to blame anyone and everyone for the failures except himself, at one point blaming my low dps (only 8k as the tank) as a culprit, until I pointed out that 8K was the best I could do as a tank when I die 5 times in one fight (hourglass rez ftw). I mean, really, I’m seriously not that squishy. Anyway, I shrugged it off and we eeked out the win on the 2nd attempt (during which I managed 12K and only died once), and even the fail of that run wasn’t enough to bring me down off the high of the previous one. It was that much fun.


One thought on “Perserverance Pays Off

  1. My belief has always been that if tank dps makes the difference, there’s something wrong with the DPS as is [or something’s gone horribly wrong on an attempt]. Tank dps should be there, but it’s bonus and not their primary role.

    That said, I have yet to see a warrior tank pull more than 5k dps in an HoT… So sounds like you rocked it 😀

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