That wasn’t so bad.

So I finally screwed up enough courage to tank some HoTs.  I had fantastic luck with my dps set, nabbing a cool 8 upgrades between the quests and the drops. Sadly, I only got the one tanking upgrade (the gun from the quest), but I did manage to get a couple from JP.

After running through them, I have noticed a few things.

  • It’s much easier and less nerve-wracking the 2nd time through.
  • Tanking is not so bad, once you get down to it.
  • Instant queues are freaking awesome.
  • Stupid dps (ignore marked KO, pull for me, etc.) make me nuts.
  • If you take any damage at any point during the dungeon, you are “squishy”.
  • Anyone who utters the phrase “gogogo” while my healer is drinking needs to die in a fire.

That is all for now.


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