LOL @ Gear Queens

So I was doing my weekly dungeon crawl and on the 5th one I pop into, the first thing I see is a vote kick with the reason “Bad gear and I don’t want to be here all night.” I hesitate for a moment to survey the situation, and yeah, there’s no corpses, the opening dialogue is still running. Nothing messy, just a pre-pull inspection and gear snobbery. Now, don’t get me wrong, the tank’s gear wasn’t fantastic. He was clearly in the process of gearing up, and his health total was much lower than many of the tanks I’ve seen in PUGs. On the other hand, his gear was the right kind of gear (tanking plate), and was properly gemmed and enchanted. The vote kick failed and the tank pulled. The pull went fine. The healer struggled, but she struggled with keeping everyone up, not just the tank. If not for the fact that I burned emergency CDs, I would have died as a dps. Immediately after, the healer and her friend port out and the healer fakes a DC.

I pointed out that the healer was faking the DC and her friend says “we’re just so tired of carrying people.” And I literally LOLed. I mean, if we had wiped on the pull or something, fine, let the group decide the weak link. But I guarantee you, after seeing the healer’s performance, she hasn’t carried anybody since Wrath, if ever. I have no doubt that the healer felt the tank’s gear was a problem. I have no doubt that the healer has felt that way about many tanks in many PUGs. The thing is, if you can queue, you’re geared enough for the dungeon’s difficulty level (assuming you haven’t pulled any sort of shenanigans to up your ilvl). A tank with a 380+ ilvl, 200K+ HP and massive avoidance stats is nice, don’t get me wrong, but the reason it’s nice is because they are seriously OVERGEARED for the content.

The new healer was a bit surprised to see where we were in the dungeon when he popped in, and he caught us in the middle of grousing about the gear snobs. We explained what happened, he said he’d give it a few pulls, and then decide how the tank’s gear was, and to no one’s surprise, he was a fine tank. He knew his class, knew the fights, and was plenty solid enough to survive without OOMing the healer. In the end, we finished the run in about 25 minutes with no deaths whatsoever. So, if you’re out there, fail healer, I hope you enjoyed your 1/2 hour debuff, and I’d like you to know that you’re not fooling anybody. If you’re being that picky about the tank’s gear on every run, the problem isn’t him, it’s you.


3 thoughts on “LOL @ Gear Queens

  1. I can’t deny groaning when I see a tank with 165k health in an HoT heroic. But I’ll give them a shot. Some of them are quite hardy if they know how to gear/gem/enchant.

    • The tank referenced here was a warrior in about half greens and most of those weren’t tanking gear. He was able to make it through the first two bosses of End Time.

      • The tank in this run didn’t have much more than that, but he was quite solid. I don’t even look at gear unless I’ve noticed a problem. I just find it funny/annoying that there are people not just looking, but kicking based on gear (rather than performance) before the first pull even happens.

        Personally, I’ve seen too many good tanks with crappy gear and too many raid-geared tanks with a healthbar like a leaky sieve to think of gear as anything more than one piece of the puzzle. I’m always a little taken aback when I find someone who not only doesn’t recognize this, but also has an attitude that suggests they think they’re awesome. lol

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