Real Life Updates and Random Musings

Despite some early worries, I am cautiously optimistic that I will still be able to play WOW at my new address. So, YAY!!! On the downside, boxes. Ugh. So many boxes. So little muscle strength remaining. I’m so sore and there’s no rest in sight.

But enough about the boring old real life stuff. After my first cata heroic as a resto druid (well, on this server, anyway), I had some serious misgivings about ever being able to heal on a resto again. It seemed like I had been out of the saddle too long and had forgotten how to find my rhythm. But after getting a little more gear I gave it another go and am finding that it really is like riding a bike, Sure, I was wobbly those first few yards, but I’ve found my balance again and now there’s no stopping me (also, the newer, better gear helped). I’m as good or better on my troll than I ever was on my night elf (although I don’t utilize my haste CDs as often as I ought to). Still, it’s nice to be back at a point where the two very disparate styles of a resto druid and a resto shammy doesn’t bother me or trip me up at all. I still love being a healer. Here’s hoping the internet connection holds up well enough for that to be possible.



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