(Sort of) New Project

As my faithful readers will know, I had been working on a helpful “how-to” type of website for my previous guild before we had our falling out. In the interest of a) making sure that work doesn’t go to waste, and b) giving me something to fiddle around with in my spare time, I have been converting the materials for that website into a new blog. Add in a dash of the more helpful how-to portions of this blog and you have my new instructional wow blog. It’s still a work in progress, but I wanted to get it out there are see what you all think. If there’s something I can improve upon, please let me know. If the material appears useful to you, please tell your friends/guildies/etc. about it so they can use it and (hopefully) improve their gameplay.

I proudly present to you: The Great Big Book of Everything (Related to WoW)


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