Friday the 20th: Curse of the Fail PUG

Everybody always talks about Friday the 13th and how it’s cursed or unlucky. For me, last Friday wasn’t so bad. One week later, though, and we’re testing the waters for new heights of epic fail. As a general rule, I have 2 rules for running dungeons. 1) You can suck or you can be a bit of an ass, but you can’t do both. 2) Don’t be an ass, even if you don’t suck. These are the rules I try to live by when running dungeons. Whether in the sense of traditional fail, woeful ignorance, or unbridled hypocrisy, Friday’s queues were a draining experience.

Highlights included:

  • A feral druid pulling 20K who decided that the other two DPS in the instance were complete fail because they were pulling 10K and 16K. He dropped group, citing their “fail dps” as the reason.
  • A tank who dropped group because “we’ll never finish with how much you all suck.” This was after defeating the first two bosses in End Time with no deaths whatsoever, despite the fact that he (inadvertently?) pulled a patrol midway through the Jaina fight.
  • A DK tank wearing a leather agility helm so he could up his ilvl enough to get into the Hour of Twilight dungeons.
  • A paladin who argued that Blessing of Kings was better than Mark of the Wild and therefore shouldn’t cast Blessing of Might even when there’s a druid in the group.
  • A frost DK who started off the instance by saying “fuck no” to my request to click the mage table portal and proceeded to rag on the tank, healer, and the other 2 dps about how much we all sucked. This while pulling 8K in ilvl 374 gear.
  • The same frost DK became very defensive when I called him on his hypocrisy. He blamed his gear for his DPS and assured me that my DPS sucks and he could outplay me on mages any day of the week. (Apparently pulling over twice his DPS despite only 3 ilvls difference in gear means I also fail.) Additionally, his gear was somehow also responsible for him parking in the bad (he took more damage than the other 3 non-tanks combined). Despite how much he sucked, he missed the point. I didn’t care that he sucked. I cared that, despite being unable to play his own class, he felt perfectly justified in telling everyone else how  to play theirs.
  • Though not fail, several uncomfortable runs where I was the only English-speaking person. Several of these tried achievements, which made the language barrier even more painful. They all went well and we even picked up several of the achievements we tried for. Still, I felt wrong-footed the entire runs and then I felt bigoted for feeling that way.

If it weren’t for 2 very pleasant groups, including one where the tank offered to queue again with the whole group (this while on the 2nd boss), I would have lost all faith in humanity in general. Or, well, at least the WoW-playing portion of humanity.


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