I suppose this is what I get for thinking that I missed the regular heroics and was really jonesing for a deadmines run. One of my guildies has a new alt that he wants to gear up, and the only 85 online that wasn’t busy was me, so I agreed to go on a run with him. (Well, that’s not completely true, I was busy, doing the daily Greench quest, but I dropped it to help him out.) Anyway, we got DM and I was pretty happy. The tank made a joke that I (the healer) had more health than he did – which was true, 146k to his 144k, but I said we’d be fine as long as nobody ignored mechanics. Off we go, the tank is setting a pretty handy pace, but my mana regen is good and I’m not having to heal a whole lot on most pulls so we’re doing fine. First boss goes down without a hitch. Second boss goes down without a hitch. Third boss? Well, apparently nobody had ever informed these people that you don’t eat Harvest and Overdrive. So the first pug DPS eats Harvest and is basically one-shotted. I get it next and avoid it. Then it picks the tank and he doesn’t even try to avoid it. I blow a couple CDs but he doesn’t survive it. With the tank down, the boss heads straight for me (the healer). I manage to survive for a few seconds, but not very long (I had already blown my panic CDs on trying to save the tank). Fortunately, my friend is pretty handy with the reaper and the hunter manages to stay alive just long enough to finish off the boss.

So there I am left feeling awkward. Nobody said anything, but I was tempted to. Do you say something in a situation like that? I don’t want to be one of those people that turn a PUG ugly, but I also don’t want people walking away thinking that it was my fault. I want people to understand that they missed a mechanic, and that the death(s) that ensued are a direct result of it. What I don’t want is for it to turn into a blame game or petty namecalling. Anyone know of a diplomatic approach? I was tempted to say something along the lines of “For future reference, please don’t eat the Harvest or Overdrive.”


One thought on “*Sigh*

  1. I usually respond along the lines of “We need to be sure to move out of harvest and overdrive next time.”

    It includes the whole group on it and usually gets a positive response or minimally an acknowledgement.

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