Progress(ish) Report

So we’ve definitely made some headway with the lesser-skilled members of our guild. We’ve got the old crop of players’ dps up a little higher. Not where it should be given their gear, but higher than it was.  Unfortunately, the guild has been recruiting, and since our GM is dedicated to open recruiting, a whole lot of the new members are equally inept at their class. I am starting to buckle under the pressure. Mostly, I’m just sick of the fail. I’m sick of explaining and re-explaining gear, gems, rotations, and strategies. I’m sick of making a part-time job (easily 20+ hours a week) building and maintaining a website that tells you your gems, rotations, gear, and strategies that absolutely no one reads or listens to. I feel like I’m talking to a wall most of the time. Well over half the guild is still of the opinion that they hold no responsibility for their performance. It’s just getting old, not least of which because I have to tiptoe around the truth to spare people’s feelings.

On the bright side, we are starting to get a handful of competent players together. We could fill a 5-man with competent players if the right people sign on at once. It’s a start. But it’s slow, painful, and difficult work trying to whip everyone into shape. I’m starting to wonder if I have the patience to go the long haul with them. A big part of me thinks it would be best to just pull up stakes and find a new guild.

Meanwhile, we’re facing the same old same old again. Everyone wants to see the new content. Everyone wants to see the raids, and none of them are willing to put in the work to get there. A guild group (that thankfully I was not a part of) spent over 4 hours wiping on Baine in End Time.  Finally, they asked if I was willing to come in as a “spot healer” if they dumped one of the melee dps. I felt mean, but pointed out that, it being a 5-man, you don’t need two healers, you need to learn the mechanics and execute them. They simply wouldn’t believe me, though. They finally gave up on the dungeon, feeling I was holding back on them. There has to be some trick, some gimmick, some strategy that can fix their “gear issue” – yeah, that’s right, they just don’t have enough gear. If they went in with full 378 JP gear, they’d be fine, they reckon. They still don’t get that you’re not supposed to have an average ilvl equal to the drops in the dungeon. You’re supposed to be getting *upgrades* from the drops. There were two other guild groups that spent hours wiping on Tyrande when they got her as the first boss. My sister and I were asked to dish out secrets on those days, too, as we’d already downed them in PUGs. We explained the fight mechanics and they were obviously disappointed. They expected some secret that would make the fights as easy as we said they were. No one wants to hear that they just have to play better and I hate telling them that, but that’s where we are. That’s it, no trick, no secret, no bull. Just learn the fight and do it right. Period.

Now, one of the new 85s, bolstered by his (and a handful of others’) success in PUGs, wants to start raiding Firelands. Except that we, as a guild, are still where we started off. The dps don’t put out good numbers. Even the better-geared and more skilled dpsers are hovering around 12-13k, most of the time. Only a handful put out 15K+ and those are mostly tanks/healers on dps alts (for example, my sister and I both do, but we’d be tanking or healing in the raid). We’re looking at, best case scenario, 6 good players, and 4 who are mediocre-at-best in a 10-man raid. And judging from the fact that the ranks of the mediocre have yet to down a single boss in the new 5-mans in 3 days hard effort, I don’t want to even attempt Firelands with them.  I’m not ready or willing to carry them through the content. Maybe I need an attitude adjustment, but I’m feeling more resentful towards them the longer this goes on.  I love helping and teaching people, but I hate banging my head against the wall trying to help people that can’t or won’t learn. I’m starting to get desperate. Has anyone had any experience with this sort of situation before? What do you do when a guild thinks you’re being mean and unreasonable for not taking a 6K dps into a dungeon with a 15K dps check?


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