Progress Report

The guildies are doing much better at executing mechanics. We can now run regulars without serious risk of wipes, so that’s a step in the right direction. My sister and I are about to start a select few of them in on heroics this week, I think. Meanwhile, the GM, god bless her poor deluded soul, has designs on starting raids this week, particularly Firelands, because that’s where her and her hubby want gear upgrades from. She doesn’t quite seem to understand that, especially for this guild, skipping tiers of content isn’t viable.

On the plus side, after much argument, I think we finally convinced her that she doesn’t have to put a prismatic gem in a prismatic socket. She stuck to her guns and argued that it was always prismatic only in prismatic sockets and that they hadn’t changed it. I whispered her links of several examples of yellow mastery gems in prismatic sockets on my tank, which is what finally convinced her (I think) that she doesn’t have to use old wrath gems for +10 stats or +4 resist all (no, seriously) in her prismatic sockets. She seemed to finally believe my sister, at any rate that this prismatic gems have to match prismatic sockets thing is not how it works. It is, in fact, the complete opposite of the point of prismatics.

This is the part that seriously annoys me. My sister and I aren’t infallible, we’ll be the first to admit that. And we don’t always know everything, we’re up front about that too. But when we don’t know something, we look it up, and we tell them (“I don’t know, but I can google it”). We have never, at any point, talked out of our ass with them, so this resistance to taking our word for something confounds me.

I understand that, as a necessary part of educating them, we have to point out what they are doing wrong, and that it doesn’t feel good to be wrong. I get that. What I don’t get is why there has to be an argument about it every time. If I tell you that a tanking ring is better for tanking than a dps ring, I’m not yanking your chain. (Surprise! Most tanks prefer dodge to haste.) If I tell you that mail classes should wear mail, not leather, I’m not making that up. (Surprise! 5% bonus to your primary stat is pretty nice.) These people can’t be bothered to read the tooltips in their own spellbook and they’re arguing with the guy who spends hours each day researching stuff, writing articles and guides for them, and teaching them how to play? Gah!!!! Just gaaah!

And don’t even get me started on the guy whose “tank set” consists of full pvp gear reforged for dodge, plus a few caster/healer pieces. It’s especially irksome that a nice tanking trinket dropped in a run, and I told him to need on it for his tank set, telling him to replace his mana restoration trinket with the tank one and then the next day, he still has the same healer trinket equipped. So we tell him again “That mana trinket is bad, especially for you, replace it with the one we got you” and guess what he still has equipped? You guessed it, the fricking healer trinket.

Surely they must be trolling us. Nobody can be this bad on accident, can they? Now I feel mean for thinking it, much less typing it out, but seriously. I feel like yanking out my hair at times. Oh well, c’est la vie.


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