Another Mixed Day

Today was another day of extreme frustration and painful progress. It seems like for every one step forward the guild is bound to take two steps backward.

On the plus side, all of my (and my sister’s) hard work has been officially recognized. Rather than being the default gurus and helpers, we are now officially officers. We’ve taken upon ourselves to continue the guild’s much-needed training.

On the downside,  the guildmaster’s hubby has decided that the best way to solve the guild’s problems is to start doing trash runs in Firelands. I knew the raid was destined to fail from the start, as nobody is anywhere near geared enough for Firelands, but everyone was fixated on the “it’s just trash” attitude. To make matters worse, my sister’s raid lockout got screwed up somehow and so she missed the initial attempts (we later worked around the problem) so I was attempting to solo-heal it. I don’t know if any of you have ever attempted to solo-heal an undergeared FL Trash run, but it was painful. We were fine when we were fighting one mob at a time, so we managed to down 2 mobs ok, but when nothing was left but packs we started having serious trouble. I told the raid again and again that I couldn’t heal through 5-6 mobs at a time, that we would have to use CC, but despite having 2 rogues, a mage, 3 hunters, and myself (a shammy), only 1 mob ever got CCed at a time (care to guess which CC got off?). The hunters missed their spots, the mage didn’t even try, and the rogues felt their CC would be useless since they couldn’t reapply in combat. It was so painful.

The whole run, the GM’s hubby keeps whispering me asking for reassurance about what a good idea it was that he had, and how this will make people want to start running heroics. The most I could muster were some non-committal answers and lengthy silences. I’m sorry, I may not have the guts to tell him the truth he needs to hear, but I can’t quite bring myself to lie to him, either. No, it’s not a good idea. It’s a colossally, cosmically, mind-bogglingly bad idea to drag a raid into firelands when none of the 7(!) dps can a)CC, b) interrupt, or c) top 10Kdps. Having 2 undergeared (and only partially competent) tanks and 1 undergeared healer isn’t the best formula for success, either.

One of the hunters switched to his “healer” and promptly began beating his chest about how much better things were going now that he was helping.  “Better” being that we lasted longer before we wiped. Now granted, his 18% of the healing done on the subsequent pulls did give me a bit of  a buffer, but it wasn’t exactly the tipping point to success (seeing as how we kept wiping). We finally managed to work around my sister’s raid lockout issue and got her in, and one of the two tanks bailed (as he always does when the wipes start happening – he is VERY unreliable in that way). This left us with 1 tank, 3 healers (well, 2.2 healers, mathematically speaking 😛 ) and 6 dps. Things went a bit better with my sister in there, with the two of us accounting for about 40% of the healing each (the pally never topped 10% again – for comparison, the only hunter who bothered to use mend pet did about 7%). CC still couldn’t happen and we still couldn’t brute force our way through much more trash. We ended the night having downed approximately 6 trash mobs and having wiped almost a dozen times. They viewed this is encouraging, and a success. I viewed this as an embarrassing failure. To make matters worse, one of the dps ended up in tears because she was so upset about being unable to properly trap. Nobody said anything, but she felt bad anyway (I should have pointed out the Mend Pet thing to her, but I didn’t think of it at the time). Which is the thing that’s been bugging me most lately.

The GM and her hubby keep trying to drag people into content that they aren’t ready for (“they” here, including the two of them) so that they can see something new. They’re apparently sick to death of regs and heroics and want to see some of the stuff they haven’t done yet. Well, I get that, really, honestly. I understand. But getting sick of wiping 12 times during a 2-hour-long heroic doesn’t make you ready for Zandalaris and it certainly doesn’t make you ready for Firelands. Quite the opposite, really. I’m quickly reaching a point where my desire to be polite is butting heads with my desire to shout “L2P!!!” I’m beginning to fear that nothing short of blunt and brutal honestly is going to reach them. We are not ready for raids, and we will not be until a) all dps can put out good dps numbers, b) all players can properly execute mechanics, and c) all players can play their class well, including CC, interrupts, and utility. They don’t seem to understand that this isn’t wrath, we aren’t going to be able to bootstrap you through stuff with only 2/10 players being competent at their class. I’m beginning to get a reputation as a “hardcore” player because I expect people to put out more than 4-5k dps in ilvl350 gear. No, seriously. Let that sink in.

Meanwhile, I’m biting my tongue 10 times a day as people discuss things like “not being geared for heroics” when they have an ilvl high enough to queue for freaking Zandalaris. We need to get them to drop this “I just need more gear” mentality. No, gear is not your issue. Skill is your issue. Please, please, let me teach you to fix it. Ahhh!!!!

Oh, yeah, and the good part of the day. In the 2 hours before the 2+hours of wiping on trash, I finished 3 random heroics, gained a mystery satchel, and collected 5 dungeon achievements (including 3 from Deadmines alone), not counting the ones for the dungeons themselves. It was a beautiful stretch of dungeon runs, and I hope it was noticed in guild. Every 10 minutes, like clockwork, a new boss fight and a new achievement. Whether or not they noticed, it certainly made me feel better. I felt really good about the healing in those dungeons because the first death didn’t happen until the 3rd dungeon. There were only 2 wipes in the dungeon, both of which were pretty much not my fault, and both of which happened during the gauntlet. One time was because the dps kept attacking the spiders instead of the vision of Helix, and eventually we were swarmed and I OOMed but a quick explanation fixed that the second time through. The second wipe was because 2 of the 3 dps killed themselves on the swirling super mario bros/sonic the hedgehog electrical things and our 5 minute timer ran out before we made it back to Vanessa, instantly killing the whole group. Other than that, it was smooth sailing. It was awesome to have dungeons the way they were meant to be (IMO).


2 thoughts on “Another Mixed Day

  1. Another problem we have been having is since we are running firelands trash Nobody wants to run BWD Bot or throne because “The Loot isn’t as good”

    • Yeah, that’s what my lot are thinking, too. They’re stuck in the “we just need more gear” mentality. Higher ilvl gear must be better so we should go there, where the ilvl is. Except that if the stuff in those raids (or in our case, even heroics) is better than *what you have now* you’re better off getting those drops each week than trying to grind out 2 months worth of rep from trash.

      Here’s the deal (as you know, I’m sure). If you can down the bosses in Zandalaris and tier 1 raids, then IMO, you should go do it. If you down them there will be loot: tangible, in your hot little digital hands *right now* loot. Trying to jump a tier for better loot is counterproductive, despite how it may appear at first glance.

      I may be able to grab a shiny 365+ from a vendor in a few weeks, but if a 346-359 is an upgrade, I’m going to roll on it, enchant it, and equip it now and keep it on until I can get that 365+. I don’t see why people lose track of that in-between time. Yes, it’s gear that will be replaced, but if it’s the best you’ve got at the moment, “dance with the girl who brought you” as the saying goes. 😉

      I mean, sure, yeah, plan for the future. You should do that. But don’t ignore the present in your rush to get there. That’s just plain shortsighted.

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