Tangible Progress

Today I (with a little help from my JC/enchanter sister) helped the guild’s “charity case” hunter work on her gear, gems, enchants, pets, and rotation. This mostly entailed repairing the damage the guild master did when trying to help her out. Mostly I got her hit-capped the right way (reforging weak stats), gemmed the right way (many of the gems the GM gave her were the weakest stat), and enchanted the right way (with appropriate enchants for her gear), and then watched her do her rotation on a target dummy and gave her some pointers (she’s tightening up that rotation nicely). I apologized for having to leave so quickly on her (we had a dinner date with family), but told her to keep practicing her rotation whenever she had spare time.

She went from being excited about hitting 6K (up from her previous 4-5) to getting 7-8K+ on the target dummy just in the time I was working with her. I’m also happy to report that when I got back, she said she had gotten herself a raptor (for the Tear Armor debuff), and had improved her dps even more on the target dummy (this without any party buffs) and was doing more dps in runs than she ever had before. Now, I know that it’s still not as much as she is theoretically capable of, but I’ll call a 25% increase in dps a solid win on any day of the week. Especially when that 8K is more than many of the people trying to help her learn can put out in similar gear (5-7K is very common for dpsers in my guild, even in 340+ gear). Go get ’em, girl, we’re proud of you.


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