No Escape

There seems to be no escape from the fail on the new server. Or maybe I’m not half the healer I thought I was. Either way, running dungeons on the new server is an exercise in futility.

Failure is a foregone conclusion if you try to run a heroic with our guild, so I thought I’d hit the PUG circuit and see what was there. After 12 deaths, 8 wipes, and 2 hours of pain inside Shadowfang Keep, I finally completed my first random heroic dungeon over on Staghelm.

Highlights included:

  • A tank who missed the memo on there being more than one mob in a dungeon. He would solidly hold a single mob on every pull (while the other 2-3 ate my face).
  • Entire groups who missed the memo on void zones being bad. If an enemy placed it on the ground they stood in it like it was pure awesome. Black void zones, green poison clouds, you name it, they soaked it up.
  • OOMing on every fight, despite overgearing the content and having almost no overheal. I was shocked at how low my overheal was. Almost every member was taking damage on almost every pull. Heck, even the *mage* managed to eat a cleave and die.
  • Leading the group on interrupts, even when there is a rogue, pally, and warrior in the group.
  • Using emergency cooldowns on trash pulls. Asking to wait for them to come off CD before pulling the boss. Needing to use them again during the boss fight. Wiping anyway.
  • I had EnsidiaFails running and it was like a wall of text, seeing all of the “[name] fails at [mechanic]” messages.

I felt equal parts complete failure and miracle worker throughout the run. Finally, the original tank (who, by his own admission was new and none too familiar with any of the mechanics) bailed and was replaced for the final boss. His replacement, thankfully, picked up the ghoul adds to prevent them from eating me (which caused 3 wipes before the previous tank left). But the group left them up. After the fight (he dropped below 10k health 3 times during the fight, but I somehow, miraculously managed to keep him alive) I explained that the reason I told the group to AOE them down quickly was because of the nasty healing debuff. The tank sheepishly admitted he had no clue about the debuff and apologized. At least I got a chaos orb and some points out of it.

Although none of that compares with the fail of the “healer” I had in a HH. He had an ilvl of 370 on the armory, yet my Blood DK outhealed him on the fight. I don’t mean that I barely edged him out, either. I had 63% of healing done on the fight, so whatever it was the dude was doing, it wasn’t healing. Sometimes I just weep for the state of the playerbase.


3 thoughts on “No Escape

  1. That sucks – I’m sorry to say that the last 4 PUGs I’ve run have been pure delights. DPS used CC, interrupted, nobody was overtly rude. I think the playerbase is fine – there’s just a few too many jerks out there right now.

    • Don’t be sorry. Be happy. It at least makes me hopeful that at least some of my future pugging efforts will be somewhat successful. It’s just been a bit of a culture shock as far as the quality of players goes on this battlegroup versus the last one. Especially since so many people had disparaging comments about the last one.

  2. I play a little of every type of toon. and have had my fair share of bad pugs. The most recent one was the tank pulled before the rest of us including the healer had zoned in. Have you ever noticed however that no matter how undergeared or retarded the tank is it is always the healers fault? I am going to start a macro with my tanking motto on it: If the Tank Dies it is the healers fault, If the healer dies it is the tanks fault, If the DPS dies it is their own fault 🙂

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