Facepalmin’ to Victory

Our guild has been doing some retro raids to test the waters out a bit. See who is ready to raid and who needs some work. The biggest problem? Our guildmaster and raid leader is pretty much clueless about pretty much everything.

We get to Anub-arak, phase 3. The mechanic of leeching swarm is pretty simple:  every second 10% of the current (not total) health of every raid member is transferred to the boss. The solution: keep everyone low, but alive. Our “fearless leader” sees everyone’s health dip below 50% on this fight and immediately pops into vent to yell “Go healers go!” and then a few seconds later follows up with “Run to me, I’ll heal you” and she pops Lay on Hands on herself and Divine Radiance to heal everyone nearby and stops tanking to spam heals.

Sometimes, there just isn’t enough palm to cover your face.


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