What I’ve Learned So Far

Runes of Magic has been pretty fun so far. I’m not sure calling it a WoW “clone” is fair, but I can certainly see some WoW influences in the game. Despite those influences, there are enough differences that I feel lost from time to time and also enough cool new features to keep me going “oh, cool, try this” to my sister and she keeps showing tricks to me too. I love the amount of help that you get with locating questgivers and quest objectives in Runes of Magic, especially the auto-pathing when you click a linked NPC. It’s truly brilliant and is one category where RoM beats WoW hands down. I do miss my diverse race selection, as the 2 races available (human and elf) don’t have a lot of flavor differences as it is. However, the class selection seems varied enough for the time being. All in all, WoW seems to be a little more polished (for lack of a better term) and does have a few more bells and whistles. Bottom line, though, I don’t think those bells and whistles beat the “RoM is free” factor. And, for now, at least, it certainly doesn’t overcome the fact that we have an entirely new game full of unexplored content to experience together. I think we’re both pretty happy about that.


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