Sometimes dungeons just aren’t worth it. Did 2 runs today.

Run 1: 85 Holy Paladin (heroic geared)

My 4 year old nephew wanted to see the giant octopus (aka Ozumat) so my sister (85 mage, heroic geared) and I queue up for a regular throne of tides. Now, Reg ToT isn’t exactly cutting edge content even at-level so I wasn’t expecting much of a workout. Boy did I ever get one.

I wasn’t aware of exactly how fail this tank was until I opened his armory page just now to check what his gear was like. This “tank” has all of 4 pieces of actual tank gear (2 of which are from wrath). So let’s start going down the list for Prot Pally gear fail:

Mostly dps gear: check.

Caster shield: check.

At least 2 pieces of level 70 pvp gear: check.

No gems, enchants, or armor kits: check.

Ok, so maybe he’s playing fast and lose with the gear because he’s uber-skilled? Like, maybe he’s totally awesome with CDs, interrupts, and such, so he doesn’t need a bunch of HP?

Um, no… let’s go down the skill and attitude checklist:

Stands in every ability of every boss and trash mob: check.

Does not interrupt anything: check.

Does not face aoe away from group: check.

Finds the idea of using CC offensive: check.

Gets really indignant about every death or wipe: check.

So, yeah, this guy’s the complete package: undergeared, incompetent, and rude about it. I understand that his eyes probably lit up when he saw an 85 healer. Reasonably or not, I’m sure he expected a smooth, easy run with no deaths. And if he were even semi-competent he would have gotten one. What chaps my ass is that he didn’t realize how much he was being carried. Judging by the mountain of “we wiped on trash” skeletons in the hallway when I zoned in, the previous healer probably walked away unhappy. I just hope it wasn’t someone new enough  to think it was their fault rather than the tank’s.

In all fairness, the other people in the group, even the off-server hunter and warrior, stood up for me, but it was really annoying that he kept blaming it on me. Er, no, I can’t heal you through Ulthok’s  Shadow Fissure (57k damage then 10k damage per second), when you have 37k health. 37k health – 57k damage = you’re one dead dumbass. No, I can’t heal you through a Lava Burst when you’re standing in Earth Shards, especially not when the average melee swing hits you for 11k of your 37k health. And maybe, just maybe, there’s a reason I told you to let the hunter pet go first on the poisoned spears. This guy was keeping a running commentary of how fail he thought I was “Really?”  “Seriously?” “Again?” as if he had never died before.  The dps were taking turns coming to my aid: “Don’t eat the fissure” “big rocks = bad” and “yeah, that poison is nasty, that’s why we wanted the pet to take it.”

All in all it wasn’t a terrible run; after all, nobody else died, not even the hunter pet. Unfortunately, most of my healing and near-death saves came off as lackluster because of the deaths. At the end of the day, though, all I can say to tanks is that if you can’t survive for at least 2 global cooldowns without a heal, you’re asking for a whole hell of a lot from your healer (especially on cleansing fights). Now, I’m not asking that you notice and thank me for every save I make, but when your gear and play are so poor that literally every second of every pull is a life-or-death type of global CD, you should maybe consider not being a complete ass about how often you die.

Run 2: 82 Resto Shaman (decently geared)

Got reg BRC. Everything went fine. There was only one death (when the dps druid ate the skullcracker on Rom’ogg). There weren’t even really any close calls. It would have been an awesome run except that on the first boss the tank went apeshit for no reason.

You know that hunter bug where your pet, despite being on defensive, feels the need to run about 2,000 yards away and put some serious hurt on some random something for no discernible reason? That happened to my sister’s pet, which pulled the boss and a trash pack. So the tank, rather than, you know, tanking anything, proceeds to start bitching out my sister for wiping us “on stupid shit.” Except that we’re not wiping. Everything is trying to eat me (because of healer aggro), but we’re all still alive and I’m not even OOM or anything. So finally, after about 10 seconds or so, he gets around to realizing that “hey, we’re not dead” (thanks, in large part, I think, to the DK pointing this out to him) and picks up all the crap eating my face. From there on out is was smooth sailing, despite the aforementioned druid-being-one-shotted thing. I didn’t even have to blow a CD to make that save and finished with nearly half of my mana. Not exactly a close call. Would have been even less of an issue if he had picked stuff up from the start.

The only thing that really pisses me off about this run is that I was so busy spamming at the start of the fight that I completely missed the fact that he was bitching at my sister. If I had caught it, I’d have let him die and then finished off the boss to prove a point. Or, you know, at least given him the cold shoulder and bitched back at him. Because you don’t get to mess with my sister. I just wished I had seen it so I could have had her back. I didn’t realize until after the run what had a happened. 😦

But, seriously, folks, is a wipe so terrible that you have to start berating and belittling people before they even happen? I so seriously want a karma system. I’m sick of meanness, and even sicker of being able to do nothing about it. I’d also like to be able to reward the DK who defended her (by telling the tank to relax) and people like him (and the dps in the earlier run) for their good teamwork/behavior. It’s a shame that there’s no penalty for such bad behavior.  It’s just sad, really.


One thought on “Ugh

  1. I could almost hug you for your last paragraph. I have no non-invasive suggestion to stop people from acting this way. I’ve been in groups where I’m the only one who has ever done the dungeon and the people weren’t all that quick to learn. The thing that made me enjoy the dungeon anyway was that they still tried hard to learn and never complained about how it was going. They acted like human beings, asked questions, had humility, and made it fun even after several wipes.

    Your Run 1 really fits this

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