Add to Your Game – Dag Assist

Hello, there, happy readers. Today’s add-on may come as a surprise for those of you who have noticed how big a fan I am of the broker system. I love having my add-ons up and off of my mini-map. Well, you should know that yes, there is a broker display plugin for this addon, too, but I prefer to have the button on my minimap. It’s the *only* button I like to have on my minimap.

DagAssist is one handy little addon, and though I know you’ve heard this before it is one of my absolute favorites. DagAssist creates a nice mini-menu from which to select some of those infrequently-used actions that you still want a quick shortcut to, but that you don’t really want to waste an action bar slot to use. For example: teleport/portals, professions, hearthstone, buff food, elixirs, etc. The default selection is really quite nice, but you can also configure the menu to add or remove things from your menu. If you’ve been trying to trim down your action bars, this nifty little assistant may be just what you’ve been looking for.

Shown here: the menu that comes up when you click on the minimap button. You can add or remove categories and/or individual items.


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