Add to Your Game – Target Charms

Considering Cataclysm’s tougher new dungeon and raid environment, crowd control and kill order marking have become far more important to a successful outing. If you’re going to have to do quite a bit of marking, either because you’re a leader in your guild groups or raids, or because you like to help out PuG groups with your experience, here’s a little something to make your experience easier.

Target Charms adds in a handy little toolbar that contains all of the marker options. The bar is draggable, so you can place it wherever you want. You can also change the geometry of the bar to however you like it from a single vertical row to a single horizontal row and anything in between. The add-on also has a few other options, such as a ready-check button, and a world marker/flare button for placing the game’s default placement markers, each of which can be activated or placed individually.  Though simple, the add-on does have a variety of display options, such as “display always” and “display only when targeting.”  To use the add-on simply click on a target and click the icon you wish to assign to it. It’s that simple. No need to mess with the clunky, tiered, right-click menu in the default ui.

Shown here framed horizontally.

Now, yes, I know there are other ways to handle this problem. I know of many people who have their markers bound to action keys (typically the row of function keys along the top of the keyboard) or set up in macros. I know still others just tough it out with the default UI. But the advantage to this sort of add-on is that keybindings, action bar spaces, and macro slots are all limited. This add-on doesn’t make you waste any of these precious, limited resources for simple marking. The other advantage, of course, is that it’s simple and easy to use and requires no effort on your part to code, edit, or test keybindings or macros. Which is plenty good enough of a reason to use it in my book. At any rate, try it; we need more people who are willing to take a few second to mark the kill order in dungeons instead of just hoping everyone knows and complaining about the ensuing wipe.


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