Add to Your Game – Panda

Panda is a nifty little add-on for making your crafting experience a bit easier. It gives you an auction-house style frame for your professions and includes sub-functions – like milling, prospecting, and disenchanting – for them too.

The various supported professions are denoted by the tabs along the outside of the right side, while the functions of that profession are listed category-style along the left-hand side of the pane.

The add-on can be filtered so that things you don’t want to disenchant don’t show up. For example, class-appropriate items that are soulbound are turned off by default so that you don’t accidentally shard your shiny new epic drop. I would offer the caveat that – since this makes disenchanting, prospecting, or milling so much easier – you should be sure that you aren’t destroying something you wanted to keep.

One handy function of the add-on is that when you mouse over an item within its pane, it tells you what the item could turn into. For example, hovering over a stack of saronite in the prospecting section will show you that saronite can turn into any of the northrend uncommon or rare gems. This comes in handy when you want to know what sort of shard or dust an item will turn into. Will this green item become vision dust, illusion dust, or arcane dust? Panda knows. Granted, this function is handled better by certain other add-ons (I’m looking at you, Enchantrix), but the visual reminder of what dust you’ll get can still come in handy as you’re about to push the DE button. After all, there is no “un-DE” option.

It also gives you a quicklist of what items can turn into what. For example, the Cooking tab shows you the available types of food and feasts, along with an icon for each of the ingredients. Not only is this nice information to have on its own, but it also plays very well with add-ons that give your information when you mouse-over an icon, such as how many you have/where they are (altoholic), or what an item can DE into and the chance it will become each type of item (enchantrix).

As I mentioned in the previous, very short blurb, on this add-on, it isn’t a make-or-break type of add-on. It doesn’t add awesome new functionality like some add-ons do. But it does improve your quality of life by giving you a sort of encyclopedia to certain crafting professions, and especially by making the sub-functions much more streamlined. It’s easily worth it to install Panda for the milling, disenchanting, or prospecting alone. Give it a shot and see if you don’t pull it out every time you need to convert a stack of raw materials into dust, ink, gems, etc.


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