Add To Your Game – BugMeNot

BugMeNot is one of those beautiful little add-ons that’s nice not because of what it adds to your game, but rather because of what it takes away. Think of this as a pop-up blocker for your game. Ever been checking your mail or sorting through your bank, only to be interrupted by somebody popping open a trade window to beg for gold or maybe throwing a guild signature request in your face? Ever get someone who must have been under the impression that you accidentally clicked no the first 8 times he spammed your level 10 character with requests to duel his level 85?

Well, fear not, BugMeNot has your back. What it does is allow you to automatically reject those annoying pop-ups without ever displaying them to you. Now, I know what you’re thinking, because it’s the first thing that occurred to me, too: what if my friends/family/guild want to group up, raid, invite, etc. No worries, BugMeNot allows you to make exceptions to the filter. Requests from people on your friends list or from within your guild are allowed by default. Additionally, you can invite others who whisper you, or you can set up a temporary window in which the filter is skipped. For example, a simple slash command can tell BugMeNot to allow the next group invite you receive even if it’s from someone who is not on your allowed persons list.

I found that the “reject” setting met all my needs, but if that’s not the case for you, then the “ignore” feature rejects the request and then adds the player to your ignore list, negating any further contact.

Another interesting option is the whisper feature. You can create a message to be whispered to the player when he is blocked. For example, you might type something like “I automatically ignore unsolicited invites with BugMeNot. If you would like to group up, please whisper me back so I can bypass it.” That message would be automatically whispered to anyone blocked by the add-on. This helps cut down on the possibility that you’ll miss out on a group invite before a quest mob or other bottleneck.

I won’t claim that the add-on would be anything more than a speedbump to somebody who is actively trying to harass you. However, it is an effective roadblock against people who are kind of clueless about etiquette and so pop things up without asking or just won’t take no for an answer.


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