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I’ve been working on a healing add-on spotlight, but things have kind of spiraled out of control. It’s now a 3-part series and I still haven’t said everything I want to yet. I’ll get it worked out eventually. In the meantime, here’s a quick and easy spotlight on 2 add-ons that will turn some of the game’s most annoying and repetitive sounds into sweet, sweet silence. I am referring, of course, to silencing add-ons. The advantage that these add-ons have over simply turning off sounds altogether is that you can still hear the things you need to hear without being bogged down by a bunch of useless noise pollution. In other words, you will hear the latest boss’ auditory queue that Big Nasty Ability X is headed your way without having to listen to Overly Loud Hunter Weapon Z firing off bangs every 0.6 seconds.

***It should be noted that all of the following add-ons have to be manually installed to a specific override folder rather than the default interface>addons folder. Instructions are included on the add-on pages. The client will NOT put them in the correct place. If you can’t get these to work, chances are you’ve placed the files in the wrong place. All of these add-ons work in the same way: they place replacement sounds in an override folder. Your original game sound files are not modified or deleted in any way. To “uninstall” simply delete the files in the override folder.***

Suppressors for Everyone

If you’re anything like me, there are some noises in the game that just drive you bonkers. If gunfire is one of them, you might like Gun Silencer. What this does is replace the game’s default gunfire sound (the loud bang) with a nice silenced pop that will remind you of many other video games’ silenced modes. This silences your own gunfire and everyone else’s. Anytime anyone – player or NPC – fires a gun, you’ll get the nice silenced pop instead of  the cacophonous bangs.  It should be noted that this only alters your own experience. It will not make anyone else hear your silenced gun (altering someone else’s gameplay experienced would violate the ToS).

Put a Muzzle on That Thing

Worgen look cool, there’s no denying. But, really, must they sniff so much? If you’re as sick of the worgen sniffing as my sister and I are, you might enjoy Sniff-B-Gone. This overrides the worgen sniffing with blank (silent) files so that anytime your worgen would be loudly sniffling and snuffling it simply… doesn’t. I, for one, am glad of it.

Those two are the only ones I use, but there are many more silencing add-ons out there. Chances are, if there’s some sound driving you nuts somebody else has made an add-on to shut it up or quiet it down. I know there are silencers for the tournament crowd noise, motorcycles, flying machines, and mechanostriders at the very least. Poke around, there are probably more.

I should warn you that there is some debate about whether or not these add-ons are legal under the terms of the EULA and TOS. I can only advise the following: I have never heard of anyone being banned or suspended for use of these mods. Blizzard has the ability to break these mods and has not done so. (Point of fact, in response to skin-swapping/model-swapping, Blizzard broke all entries in the override folder and then later re-enabled the ability to override sounds, leaving only skins/models broken.) The Blizzard TOS states that you cannot edit the Blizzard game files: these add-ons do not change, modify, or delete your default game sounds in any way, they simply place a different sound in an override folder. A quick search of blue posts on the forums showed no sign of a blue stating one way or the other that these files could or could not be used. I think the simple fact that they re-enabled the feature after breaking it to solve another problem is the closest thing to explicit permission we’re going to see. You’ll have to make up your own mind about it, but IMO, it seems safe to use them until we hear otherwise.

Until next time, happy gaming.


8 thoughts on “Add To Your Game – Silencer

  1. Is there a silencer mod to shut up the Guardian of the Ancient Kings? He makes a grunt noise every time that I cast a heal and it’s driving me up the wall.

    • I don’t see one. All it takes for this sort of add-on is to determine the name of the sound file and make a blank sound file (or alternate, if you prefer a different sound) with the same name and place it in the override folder. I’m not sure how/where to find out the name of the sound file, but you may have some luck by making a request on the appropriate forum on an add-on website. I can’t imagine the guys who make the other add-ons would have a hard time making one for this.

  2. Wow, Soul you rock! Thank you for taking the effort to get this done and a great big thank you to JimboBillyJoe for doing that!

    This is definitely going on my blog. Thank you both very much!

    • I’m glad that I (and mostly, he) could help. I was just sitting here hoping you’d see the comment and pondering if there was some way to get your attention. On that note, if the subscription notifies you every time I make a change, I must apologize for the recent update spam. I’ve been working on adding entries to the pocket dictionary page and it seems like every time I hit update I think of something else I should add.

      • I run into the same thing every time I publish a post. It seems like no matter how many times I proofread I always find spelling mistakes and poor grammer when I reread it.

  3. Hey, thanks for your piece on Sniff-B-Gone! I was directed to this entry by Fannon & I’m so happy to hear (or not hear) that I can do away with the sniffing!


    • I’m glad that the information was helpful to you. It’s amazing how doing away with something as simple as a sound can make the game so much nicer, isn’t it? Thanks for stopping by to read the article and especially for taking the time to respond.

      Please do tell Fannon thanks for sending you my way. I’d tell him myself but I have the darndest time getting his blog to let me reply to him. I’ve tried a dozen times without success. I think Blogspot hates me or something.

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